I GOT SO....
Ever get so drunk and do something absolutely crazy that you just gotta let others know, well share your intoxic experiences with The Wake n Bake by emailing us at thewakenbake@gmail.com for our I GOT SO section of our blog, with the wild things that you have done.  Currently viewers can't comment on the submissions but we will have that up for you soon. The Script needs work but as soon as it's ready you'll be able to post right here on the page.

 I GOT SO drunk one afternoon before a boring class, when i walked in i passed the professor and as a joke said "hope you don't decide to give us a pop quiz, im a little drunk today." he replied "its your lucky day, no pop quizes, just the one you should have studied for all week long, and by the way you used that joke last week too".....at the end of the test, we passed it around to be graded, when i got mine back i couldnt bare to look at the score, the kid sitting to the left of me said "even the kid thats always high in class knows whats going on. how could you fail the same test over and over again."

5/1/09 - Joe BOSS

I GOT SO high the other night, I pulled up to a red light. I saw a car that was heading in the opposite direction at the same light with his left turn signal on, i thought i knew where i was and that the car couldnt take the turn because it was a do not enter, so when the light turned green i steppd on the gas and stopped in the middle of the intersection so he couldnt go anywhere. so when he finally stopped beeping and put his window down, i yelled to the man "YOU CANT GO THAT WAY, ITS A DO NOT ENTER", the man responded "GET THE FUCK OUT THE WAY, ITS THE ENTRANCE TO MY LIVING COMPLEX"......I once again stepped on the gas and went on my way. 

5/01/09 - Rayyy

I GOT SO high in my garage before going bowling one night. i smoked a bowl in my car before leaving, turned on the car and started backing up. i heard a loud bang and noticed something stopped me from backing up and that's when i realized i got so high i forgot to open the garage door. freaking out thinking i wrecked the bumper i pulled forward and got out to take a look. i was relieved seeing no bad damage to the car but saw that the garage door was fucked up. now i pissed, but not because of what i did, but because i thought i wouldn't get to go bowling. i then went through the other side, pushed the garage door back the best i could and it opened. since i was so high i was just happy to get out and worried about the door the next day. 

4/21/09 - Eric N.

I GOT SO high, I took a night that was reserved for studying (for 2 tests the next morning)...and had a beer pong tournament instead.

4/17/09 - Jon B

I GOT SO got so high one night with a bunch of people and we were out driving around town and we got behind this person who was gesturing for us to follow him, which roads to turn down and everything. We followed them for over twenty minutes down a bunch of back ass roads and finally we pull up to a house, the guy gets out of his car and goes to walk in the house then he yelled "why the hell were you following me?" turns out his blinker didn't work so he was using hand signals. We then realized we were lost.

4/14/09 - Anonymous

I GOT SO high from sour D it did some damage to my lungs  and had to spit so bad.  I hawked up and spit out a huge manly phlegm filled spit and it smacked right into the window, I was so high all I could do was laugh!  My friend who's car it was got so mad.  I had to pay for a car wash for the whole car because of that spit....

4/14/09 - Anonymous

 I GOT SO drunk one night at a banger, I ended up leaving the house and wandering down the street.  I dont recall what i did after that, but when i woke up i was on a bench in the middle of a playground.  Without me having a car, I had to go through my whole cell phone to find someone to get me.  I ended up having to roll up and get breakfast at 7 in the morning, just to get home.....

4/13/09 - Matt N

 I GOT SO high one night, all I wanted was a drink from MCdonalds to take care of my cotton mouth.  When i pulled up to the drive thru the only thing i wanted was a large fruit punch.  When the lady said their was no fruit punch, i couldnt understand.  I never drink soda and i always got some kind of juice from their.  I repeatedly kept saying "all i want is a fruit punch". and she would say no fruit punch!  After about 4 minutes of going back and forth I finally pulled up to argue my point.  The lady then had to read me all of the dirnk flavors,  Apparently I was wrong and it was Hi-c orange juice.  We looked completely high and stupid, and thought they were going to call the cops on us.....

4/13/09 - Anonymous

I GOT SO drunk one night at my boys final party at his apartment, i went outside to get some fresh air.  When i finally found a good enough spot to sit down and enjoy my cigarette in, the chair was a little to comfortable.   I ended up passing out in it, and missing the whole party.  Apparently a bunch of shit went down and the cops even showed up,  with me passed out right in the front of the door.  After they kicked everybody out, one of the officers asked someone whats up with this kid, and he said I dont know him.  They left me there to sleep and when I woke up I had no idea whos house I was at, and had no relocation of what had happened.  I had no car and couldnt find my phone.....

4/12/09 - Ryan.H

I GOT SO high and drunk one winter that i was pulling out of a parking lot i got hit by a car. Me and my boys were fucked up and decided were better off just tryna flee the seen instead of getting caught all fucked up and with alcohol on us. So i cut my lights off and started dippin. i lost control and ended up rallying on someones front lawn. Stuck with my tires spinning in the snow, i finally got out and back on the road. The car that hit me gets right behind me and i just started dippin again. Comes out he ended up getting my plate number and i get arrested the next morning and the only damage on my car was the paint job. Worst part about it is i get up the next day to chill with my boy and he tells me how he was in his moms car and hit a car and the dudes bounced on him. just my luck...

4/11/09 - Anonymous

 I GOT SO high i came to a red light and stopped, looked around and in my eyesight i saw a red light turn green, so i put my car in gear and hit the gas, when doing so i crossed the intersection and almost hit somebody trying to take a turn.  After i stopped i realized that the cars behind me were still stopped....I floored it when the left turn signal came on....i was on the right lane to go straight...and the person i almost hit was a friend.

4/11/09 - Stevep

I GOT SO high i turned my left turn signal on before make a turn, after i completed the turn and my wheel came back around, but the signal was still going. So i kept hitting the signal up and down to try to stop it but it wouldnt work.  So i started swerving all over the road still trying to get it to stop, after almost running into a small pond i had realized that i was flicking the Wipers the whole time.

4/11/09 - iFish

I GOT SO high that i went to go turn my car on and let it warm up on a cold night, i turned my car on and got back into my sisters warm ass car. while were sitting there we decide to go to bestbuy, so we leave for about 35 minutes. we go to bestbuy and get a wii card and thats when i realize i left my car running in a random ass parking lot for the whole time!! 

4/10/09 - Gucci

I GOT SO high last night when i approached a stop light i put my left single on to get on the highway, the single never came and i started to get frustrated. So after waiting for about a five, six minutes I looked around and just took the turn.  About a quarter-mile on the on ramp I saw lights coming my way, which was very unusual to see, since I thought i was on the ON RAMP, the lights got closer on this one lane ramp.....i ended up playing chicken with the car and i lost as i swerved into a ditch on the side of the road.....turns out i was getting on the OFF RAMP the whole time....i would have seen the car coming down, if i had stayed at the light.

4/10/09 - MDOT

I GOT SO high with my friends one time sitting around at his house, i was messing with the lighter and tried to take the saftey off, i looked around for something to stick into the saftey so i could pop it out.  I found my car key and tried to wedge the saftey, turns out my key didnt have the stregnth to pull out the saftey, but the saftey had enough strength to snap my key in half.  So there i was with a broken car key in my hand without a spare...I had to think quick, i brought two friends and they were gunna be stuck with me.  So I looked all over the room for something to put my key back together...with scotch tape being my only option i taped the 2 ends of my key together, walked over into my car, put the key into the ignition and turned it...had that son of a bitch up and runnign with a key split in..who says SCOTCH doesn't work for anything????

4/8/09 -  Edgy

I GOT SO HIGH and it was my first day of my new job.  I ended up being dehydrated and the room started spinning, next thing i knew i was passing out in my manager’s arms.  When I awoke they were waving me down and giving me water, with the paramedics on the way….DAM THAT WAS SOME GOOD!!!

4/7/09 - Dmoney

I GOT SO DRUNK i was at the club making out with some chick I only talked to for a couple seconds.  Continued dancing and making out with her until I ended up blacked out in my friends backseat.  When I awoke I was informed how much better I could have done… apparently all that alcohol really did a job on my vision...she wasn't even cute...DAM i was drunk...

I GOT SO HIGH once at 2 in the morning and all i wanted to do was go get home and pass out after a party. when i finally got home i ended up sitting in the driveway behind the wheel and passing out. the next morning the mail man knocked on my car window, when i put it down he said me and the neighbor must of have had a wild night, i turned my head and he was parked on his front lawn passed out....behind the wheel.

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